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The French Rivera at its finest in Diamonds are For Cocktails

Château de Bagnols, France

The French Riviera

Diamonds are For Cocktails: A Novel by ZARAH Book Cover
Diamonds are For Cocktails...



Zarah’s 'Diamonds are For Cocktails' is a glitzy literary adventure where anything seems to go in the Côte d’Azur. Its pages transport you to the coast’s crystal-clear waters where champagne flows freely, socialites in tomorrow’s couture flock to their villas, and the rich indulge in endless pleasures. Somehow, we’re all invited to play. Mysteries are to be uncovered, but for readers, it’s all part of the escapade – one that doesn’t require renting a yacht.

  —  Stephanie Nelasco, Fox News


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A riveting plot full of intrigue and surprise that will leave you wanting more.

Ever glamorous Camille Rogers, the adopted French diamond heiress who struggles to reconcile with her past, finds solace and fortitude through her childhood best friend James Hughes and reinvents herself, becoming more powerful than ever.


Jet-setting from the sun-kissed playground of the French Riviera to pulsating Paris with the global elite, the pair fascinate the aristocratic world. Diamonds are For Cocktails is the captivating story of a lifetime of betrayal and love, the allure of wealth, and a trail of mysterious crimes by a notorious FBI-most-wanted killer. Where “Sunset Boulevard” meets “The Other Side of Midnight.”
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A Novel

In a setting that permeates a decadent lifestyle, a palatial chateau sprawls across the French Riviera coastline in the Principality of Monaco. Ever glamorous Camille Rogers, the adopted Monégasque sole heiress to a vast multi-billion-dollar jewelry empire seems to have it all.


Her life—as it turns out—is nothing more than a fantastical illusion. Childhood best friend James Hughes offers solace and fortitude. Hence, the worldly pair becomes the most celebrated couple fascinating the many eyes of high societies including the top elite in the Hollywood circle and the dreamers. Then random people disappear lured by a notorious ‘FBI Most Wanted’ killer out on a hunting spree.


As pressure mounts on the stellar Agent Joe Carlton back in Washington, DC—a full in investigation springs open. James gets the surprise of his lifetime; Camille’s past comes back to haunt her.  Will James cross the Rubicon this time? Or will Camille be forever shrouded in darkness?

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Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

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