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Singer-songwriter and author Zarah


Zarah, also known as Zarah Maillard (pronounced as ZAY-rah), is a critically acclaimed LA-based singer, songwriter, writer, television personality, and producer who performed with Goo Goo Dolls and dominated the media edutainment scene for youth by hosting the nationally syndicated music-driven-weekly television series "B InTune TV". Zarah is also a celebrated author and her first published murder mystery novel "Diamonds are For Cocktails" was featured on Times Square billboard in New York and endorsed by Fox News. Her unique blend of raspy yet powerful vocals, insightful lyrics, and catchy melodies, combined with her unapologetic approach to her rock roots, make for a raw art form of relatable escapism and energetic performances, leading to the debut of her first-ever modern rock studio album "Blind Woman".

"There is a feeling of euphoria when I perform my songs live where a sense of belongingness simply cannot be substituted; it is where I feel the most, free."

–   Zarah, Recording artist & Author


"This is the kind of talent that you only come across once in a blue moon, so when you do, you really soak in it and enjoy it with every inch of your being. Have I told you of her ineffably beautiful voice?... Her raw, organic, and vulnerable storytelling makes her rock music appeal to critical acclaim."
                                            Daily Music Spin

"The alternative rock artist has already built quite the buzz surrounding her upcoming album Blind Woman... she is ready to make her stamp in the genre she holds very dear to herself."
                                            – Remixd Magazine

"Zarah’s musical prowess takes center stage as she crafts a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and defies expectations... she delivers a captivating blend of rock authenticity and modern pop allure, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music."
                                            Gossip LA Magazine

"Zarah's rock influences shine brightly on this track, and her lyrics are nothing short of memorable - playing on repeat in your mind for hours on end (in the best way possible)... Everything from the rhythm and rock atmosphere to Zarah's captivating performance makes "Guardians Of Our Dreams" an exceptional tune."
                                            Buzz Music  

"'Guardians of Our Dreams' is a testament to her belief in guardian angels and the power of inner strength...
When you enter the world of Zarah Maillard, be prepared to be swept away by her captivating music... Zarah's passion and talent shine through, making her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry


"Zarah’s raspy vocals rip through the lyrics, bringing them to vibrant life. And what lyrics they are! Pay attention to this song; it’s a good one!"
                                            Indie Music Performer

"Zarah stands as a captivating figure, capturing hearts with her soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Her tracks, especially “What Have We Become?” and the highly anticipated “Blind Woman,” have been setting the industry abuzz."
                                            A & R Factory 

“What Have We Become?” is an introspective song that inspires her listeners to make positive changes. Camouflaged as a number-one rock song with a hint of refreshing pop and appealing to hear."
                                            Illustrate Magazine

"Zarah, has proven she’s far from a one melodic masterpiece wonder with her sophomore single, Blind Woman... the yearning atmosphere that drifts between the enticing tension in the instrumentation and her dynamic vocal range, which can deliver everything from the raw timbre of Lydia Lunch to a rock-licked iteration of Kate Bush’s high register, is a lesson in sonic alchemy. She’s a siren of pure power and soul."
                                            A & R Factory 

"Zarah really has done it all. From being on stage with bands like the Goo Goo Dolls to building her own show, to writing books, to teach our youth skills that will help them in every area of life. She is fun. Smart. Giving. And has talent that she hasn't even tapped into yet."
                                             iHeart Radio

"Employing a fusion of rock and pop was genius of Zarah for such a serious topic because not only will this song get stuck in your head, but it will also fire you up with the emotive flair that is prevalent in every line of Zarah’s punchy lyrics... After listening to 'What Have We Become?', I am very excited about Zarah’s debut album, and once you listen to this track, you will know exactly what I mean!"
                                            Turtle Tempo

"Disguised like a chart-topping rock song with a hint of pop, the track is refreshing and irresistibly catchy addition to your playlist."
                                            Fame Magazine 

"'What Have We Become?’ is explosive... She’s got it all as an artist, an amazing voice, the songwriting chops and all the energy you could ask for. In a world where rock music is being drowned out by auto-tune and other digital elements, it’s great to hear that rock n’ roll is alive and well with Zarah... The blast of sound that this track brings feels timeless to me. It could fit into any decade or generation of music."

"With explosive energy and an unyielding point of view driven by her distinct rasping and powerful vocals, ‘What Have We Become?’ is a self-reflecting anthem for positive change to her listeners disguised like a chart-topping rock song."
                                            Music Crowns

"The track is high-energy and feels like a live recording, Zarah commanding attention with her voice, supported by the band with shredding guitars, and incredible pounding drums."
                                          Essentially Pop Magazine

3K_Zarah_Guardians Of Our Dream_Single Album Cover Promo for SM copy.jpeg

"New release is amazing and we will be adding it to our playlist."
                                            Radio 48, Netherlands

Blind Woman (Single) Artwork Cover_edited.jpg
What Have We Become? (Single) Cover by Singer-songwriter Zarah
Recording artist Zarah Debut Album Release
Recording artist Zarah Album Release
Recording artist Zarah Debut Album Release
Recording artist Zarah Debut Album Release
Recording artist Zarah Debut Album Release
Recording artist Zarah Debut Album Release
Recording artist Zarah Debut Album Release
Zarah performing live with her band..jpeg

Photo credit: Michael Bezjian

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