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How 'Diamonds are For Cocktails' Murder Mystery Thriller Became my New Book

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Welcome my dear readers!

I am the author of the new murder mystery thriller novel, Diamonds are For Cocktails based in the glamorous French Riviera to be released on October 27, 2022.

I created this blog to share my unique perspective relating to my book, my personal experiences in life, and the backstory that directly led me to how I became the novelist that I am today. 🤓


Becoming a Writer

All my life, I never wanted to be a writer. Out of all the career choices to make and things to do in this world, it was something I never thought in a million years, I would wind up doing growing up. I know, it is unusual coming from an author. Then again, I have always done things differently my whole life, but I knew unequivocally early on that is was not for me and I was okay with it.

To be brutally honest, I dreaded the process and everything about it. It felt as if I was this frail chicken getting plucked out of my feathers every time I did it, and it would hurt and I would bleed to the ground. YUK. From forming ideas into full sentences, to finding my "voice" or writing style through words as they say, to having the ability to convey my story in a compelling fashion. I was spectacularly bored the minute I started writing, and I was one breath away from declaring to the world that I hated it—with passion!

That was my biggest fear and I did not want to be found out. Writing to me, is very personal and I did not want my inner thoughts shared to the world, even if I made it up. Although, there is something quite magical that happens when writing begins to work and starts pouring out of you as I later discovered. But if someone would have told me then that I was going to be one someday, I would have laughed at them and walked away in stitches.

I suppose, I am not LAUGHING now.

Career Path

It turns out that my career path in writing began when I wrote my first song lyrics at fourteen while I was touring and performing with a band. I had the temerity to express what I was feeling inside of me about my worldview and life at the time. The thing is, I have tucked it away so far back in my mind that I have conveniently forgotten about it.

I was a musician at heart, and had big dreams in a fantastical land called Hollywood. Rock and roll, was my choice of music, and performing live for an audience was my forte. It ran in my blood and I enjoyed pursuing my goals in the entertainment industry. That was all I could think about.

As I sharpened my tools, came serious songs and significant gigs, of course. Before I knew it, I was writing more lyrics to my songs and performing professionally with my band as an opening act for the Goo Goo Dolls across the country. Over the years, I collaborated with members of some more famous rock bands in places like the legendary Henson Recording Studios, and hosted the nationally syndicated television music-based teen series called “B InTune TV” back in 2005, broadcasting in 120 million homes in America where I became a television producer and a contributing writer. Who would have thought it?

Diamonds are For Cocktails Novel

Along came the French Riviera; and I was never the same again. Having been a television producer for many years, I had a film concept I was shaping up in my mind while living there so I thought of writing a screenplay for a movie. There was something about the French Rivera that immediately drew me in and I had no choice but to fall in love with the beautiful oasis.

It was a perfection of beauty I never saw before as if gleaming diamonds on shiny hills dripping with wealth everywhere. I was enthralled. I was enchanted; and it quickly became the recurring subject of my book. I had a front row seat to the rich and famous lifestyle and I soaked up every breathtaking surroundings between Monaco, Cannes, St. Tropez, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, and many others in this heavenly playground with such ease and pleasure. It was a glorious experience.

But the more I thought about the overall package of my brand “Diamonds are For Cocktails,” the better I was convinced that I needed to turn this concept if only into a full-scale novel. What was I thinking? If I ever felt like beaten down when writing back then, imagine what helpless animal I would become this time, taking on this project. I would argue, that it was rather one of the bravest things I ever did in my life. I decided to face my fears, and looked at evil in the eye and dared him with everything I got. And so far, I have the perfect reason to toast my cocktail!


Diamonds are For Cocktails is the captivating story of a lifetime of betrayal and love, the allure of wealth, and a trail of mysterious crimes by a notorious FBI-most-wanted killer. Where “Sunset Boulevard” meets “The Other Side of Midnight.”

Ever glamorous Camille Rogers, the adopted Monégasque diamond heiress who struggles to reconcile with her dark past, finds refuge from her best childhood friend James Hughes and reinvents herself, becoming more powerful than ever.

Jet-setting from the sun-kissed playground of the French Riviera to pulsating Paris with the global elite including the Hollywood circle, the pair fascinate the aristocratic world while unsolved murders unravel and a global manhunt for the serial killer is launched by the FBI.

Wealth. Glamour. Privilege. Power. Murder. French Riviera.

Welcome to the world of Camille and James.



Which is why the old adage goes “never say never” or as they say in French, “ne jamais dire jamais.” And this my friends, is how I became a professional writer. One can never predict their fate nor where they are heading in life regardless of their intentions.

From that point on, I have learned how to be judicious about my future plans and became more open to the higher force out there. But, what do I know? Stranger things have happened!

Cheers, 💎 🥂

Yours Truly


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